A student in Skövde

A small blog from me for everyone

Hello, this page will tell you more about my adventure as an Erasmus student in Sweden. You will find here some photos (Click on them to see more photos) and a small block of text, because I personnaly think photos say more than words. So have fun reading or watching this blog and I hope I can get you interessted to maybe go on holiday to Sweden. Also I hope I can update this page quit often so don't be angry if it take some time to read new things.

Road to Skövde - 25 August

My first weekend in Skövde was great. I have a good flight from Brussel to Gothenburg. Only taking the train was some adventure because there are more than one train company. After some time I finally arrived in Skövde en signed my accomodation contract. I have also met some new Belgium, Mexicans, Spanisch and many more different people with different nationalities. Everyone is so sweet and kind. Then I went to the centrum to discover some things there. I noticed that the nature is so beautifull and the streets are so clean! Click on the photo to see more photos

Meetings, Tours and Drinking - 01 September

First week here is already over and what a week it was. We have met our buddies, get some info about the Swedish Culture and we had a tour around the campus. We also visited the mayor and we got some coupons for the food festival. We also visited a pub where we met other people and drank some beer or cider. On Saturday we had the 'Sitning' and that was so much fun. We sang there, drank some and had a lot of fun. Click on the photo to see more photos

Play, eat and dirt - 11 September

This week I had my first classes called "Introduction to Motion Capture". We don't have a lot of hours to go to school so that's great, only we already have 4 assignement this month. So it will be a busy month. With all those free time, I played for the first time Dungeon and Dragons and I had so much fun! Whats fun to be an Erasmus student is that you learn so much new things like music and who can cook delicious food like brownies and spaghetti (thanks Jeroen & Libby). Also on Friday there was a soap race and to get there we walked on the streets that were secured by the police. It was so awesome to see all those students walking and having fun. Finally on Saturday we went to a park to make our ovels dirty (that's a tradition over there in the studentclubs). Click on the photo to see more photos

Motion Capture, Laser shooting and walking - 17 September

At school we had a little workshop how to use the Motion capture room and set up all the materials and the suit. It was very interesting to had this lesson and we are hopefully prepared to make some great animation. We also went to a laser shooting arena where we played against each other with a number of teams. We all had a great time and I realized the second time I'm not that bad in shooting with lasers. In Skövde there are so many beautifull forests around us so we went for a walk and at the top of the hill we made some fire and roasted some marshmellows and just enjoyed the view. There was also a 2nd 'sitning' were we sang and eat together and after that there was a paaaarty whoop whoop. Only the next day was sooo lazy, but we went to an outdoor festival. And saw some nice things to do in the nature or sport activity. Click on the photo to see more photos

Gaming, Speaking, Listening and more Gaming - 20 October

After a long time, something interesting happens this week. Swedish Game conference was there and it was amazing. Three days of listening to some amazing speakers, watching some incridible new games and meeting some fellow game developers. Best three days yet. I learned a lot and got some new ideas and inspiration. Also my twitter followers get some higher and it feels not bad 😅 Click on the photo to see more photos

Family visit - 10 November

In the week from 1 to 7 November my parents and sister visited me (or Sweden). It was a nice reunion and we did some activities together. First in Stockholm, we checked the Vasa museum and off course the ABBA museum. After that we took the train to Kiruna where the temperature was like minus 17 and there was a lot of snow, but really a lot of snow!! There we visited a church, ate some really good food and tried to see the northern light. But The best activity was husky-sliding. This was amazing, meeting all those dogs and puppies. Click on the photo to see more photos

Project - Group project - University - 24 November

The whole month of November was really busy. I had to make a game board with my team that you can play with two players. We made a game called "The Haunted Labyrinth" where one player is a ghost and have to catch the other player but after 7 turn the roles changes, Brrrr. I also had an individual project where I'm making a small level of a game I invented. In those 3 weeks a worked on it, I'm really happy with the result. In the level their are some traps, so watch out !! And you also have to solve a puzzle with your dragon or wolf. Click on the photo to see more photos

Snow, Snow and Sun- 1 December

Finally !! After waiting a long time, only seeing gray clouds and no sun for almost a month we woke up in a morning and saw white everywhere. it snowed and it was wonderful. Also the sun was shining and everyone's mood changed in something really happy! I also visited the city Gotenburg with a friend on Black Friday. We did some shopping and walked around in the city to see some gorgeous plants. We also ate sushi with a whole group of Perenius people !! It was sooooo niceeee, going to miss them all!! Click on the photo to see more photos

Christmas in Perenius- 28 December

In the last week of December we celebrated Christmas with all the Erasmus students that stayed here in Sweden. It was so nice, because Jeroen cooked for us and we sat together eating, laughing and we just had a nice time. After that there was someone that took his guitar and played on it. Of course we all had to sing along. The next day I visited Stockholm. The old town was really beautiful and it was so quiet. After Stockholm we visited Gothenborg where we had a nice view and bought the last gifts for friends and family. I also met some new Belgium people (friends of Jeroen). It was a really Ho Ho Ho week. Click on the photo to see more photos

Old to New- 04 January

Of course we also celebrated New Year. Together with a lot of people but before we did that we visited the lake. It was so beautiful and ow yeah the sun was also shinning. In the evening some people made super tasty food. We had Mexican, Indonesian and Italian dishes. It was delicious !! Then we walked to the mountain of Skovde to view the fireworks. Unfortunately we are already January and my Erasmus time is almost over. Click on the photo to see more photos