Karel Verhulst

Web / Indie Game Developer

My story

Hi, my name is Karel Verhulst. After graduating from Howest Kortrijk and getting my degree in New Media & Communication Technology, I started working as a web developer at 4allsolutions. After some time working there I had a silly idea. I wanted to learn more about creating games. So after some sleepless nights and hard thinking I decided to quit my job and started again as a Digital Art & Entertainment student.

In my last year (first semester) I traveled to Sweden as an Erasmus student. There I followed some courses and I learned a lot of new things and met some great new friends. You can still read all of my Swedish adventures in these blog.

In the last semester I did an internship by Ocular. As an Unity developer I worked on a really great project. I also learned a lot of new things in this game related business environment, where I certaintly upgraded my skills.

Right now I'm graduated from DAE and ready to use my knowledge and skills in a job.

I love to code and be creative. Also learning from other people is the best way to level up yourself. So learning is something I like but making a test? Brrr. I'm also a good listener and laughing is a good medecine. All my work I made, can you find here. If you want to know more or have a question you can always send a mail or use my social media to contact with me. You can also download my Curriculum Vitae Dutch version / English version